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10888 Foothill Blvd. suite 190 Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

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Karate for Women

In its early days of establishment here in the U.S. Women who wanted to learn Karate was frowned upon. The same was true in Okinawa as it was not the wmoan's place to battle enemy combatants. 

These days Women training in Karate is highly encouraged as the result of the fact that we are living in violent times where women are often the target of violent physical attacks, and sexual assault. We take a straight forward approach to women learning to effectively protect themselves while additionally learning the amazing art and history of Shorin Ryu Karate. By incorporating Aikido, Judo, Jiu JItsu, Kung fu and the kicking aspects of Tae Kwon do, we are able to offer or female students the best in which the martial arts world has to offer. It is not necessary to be a muscle bound person to learn to be able to effectively defend yourself. Physical conditioning however, is an inherent part of the process in becoming a Black Belt of quality and effectiveness. All students are training with this concept in mind. As students advance in rank, the technique also increases in difficulty level which requires the physical fitness aspects to be sufficient to properly execute the techniques required to advance in the higher ranks. 

While safety is always a major priority, we offer a training curriculum and atmosphere which enables women to challenge themselves in a controlled and safe environment. Our Dojo promotes a healthy family environment.

Our programs are specifically designed to enhance every aspect of our life. Through learning our curriculum, student develop the ability to push themselves to become stronger, mentally, emotionally, and physically. This enables the Karate student to have the confidence in their abilities to execute the self defense techniques principles and strategy required to be capable of defending themselves in virtually any given scenario. Through the practicing of Karate, the student's mind finds clarity, and inner peace. Resulting in a more balanced life of peace, harmony and becoming more in touch with themselves and those all around them. 

Our curriculum is established to instill a higher level of confidence building, enabling the Karateka (karate student) the opportunity to set and establish smaller, short term goals, while maintaining and working toward the ultimate goal of becoming a high quality Black Belt. Through karate training, the student develops courage combined with an enhanced degree of self-esteem, this enables the Karateka to be more prepared, able and ready to stand up for and defend themselves. 

Karateka equality: Although Karate students may come in different shapes, sizes, abilities, as well as limitations, we take what a new student brings with them to the Dojo and we shape them into a Strong, confident and able bodied Black Belt. Though this transformation does not occur over night, the process is an amazing experience to undergo, and an amazing experience to be an instrumental part of. 

On the training floor all students are treated the same. Male, Female is irrelevant students are taught to treat their training partner in accordance of their skill level and abilities. Whether the inner you is a Grandma who likes baking cookies and knitting. Or a hardcore MMA fighter. Our programs are perfect for you. 

Visit the registration page, where you can purchase our intro special. We will have your uniform and enrollment kit ready for you at the front desk. Or fill out the "Contact us form today to get started. 

Our Introductory special includes the first month of unlimited classes, a uniform and Belt for just $49.95