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Universal Martial Arts Centers.

10888 Foothill Blvd. Suite 190

Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. 91730

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10888 Foothill Blvd. suite 190 Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

(NW corner of Spruce and Foothill Blvd next to Banner Mattress, in the terra Vista Town Center.)


Karate for adults

Pictured below, Shihan celebrated his birthday with a little sparring on the beach.

beach training

Karate training is not just for kids. Karate and Martial Arts training in general is very beneficial for adults as well.

Just like our amazing kids programs, our adult classes are specifically designed for adults. Our adult program offers an in depth curriculum that is heavily influenced by realistic, explosive self defense. From te very first class all the way through the ranks and into the Black Belt classes, students are taught realisitc and highly practical self defense. While at the same time, students learn to react to the negative motion of an attacker. This enables them to be better prepared in the event of a hostile confrontation. Additionally, they are taught and trained to instinctively react to an attacker as opposed to thinking about what to do or to Blcok and counter. (Which is also a consideration) 

Although we urge our students to avoid physical conflict as it is typically not worth the drama that comes as the result of such. In the big scope of things, our students become highly skilled in their abilities to defend themselves if needed.

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