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How to stop them.


Surviving an Active shooter.

Alert notice


In the first 217 days of 2019, there have been 252 mass shootings in the U.S. 

What is being done to protect us as we go about our daily lives? What is being done to safeguard our children against these crazed acts of violence?

This has gotten way out of hand. The FBI advises civilians to "Run, Hide, Fight!"

As a combat arms veteran of the U.S. Army, one of the first things they taught us in basic training was how to low crawl. Through mud, sawdust, dirt, and even in the  rain, heat and snow. Why is that? Because it is more difficult to hit a proned target than it is one that is moving, or running.  How is a child expected to defend themselves against a person armed with a firearm and intent on shooting everyone?  Plain and simple, A child should never be placed in this position, yet its happening more and more often as time goes by. Nobody is safe from this type of scenario. Schools, workplace,  places of worship. Public events, shopping malls and even the grocery store. These days, we must learn to become vigilent. we must take action to educate our yourth on methods of surviving this type of scenario. K-7th grade students should at least have a comprehensive understanding on how to survive such a situation. However, this topic is such an extremely volitile and sensitive subject, that nobody is willing to step up and lead the attack. Until now. Our Active shooter survival program is specifically structured to accomplish the following aspects. 

  1. Survival, Triage, Escape, Report
  2. Barricade tactics, Improvised weaponry
  3. Distraction and attack tactics
  4. Swarm, disorient, disarm
  5. Disable, incapacitate, Lethal options.

As Horrific as this image below is, it is unfortunately become something that we must prepare our children for.

School shooter image    

But how do we prepare our children for this? A better question would be, How do we not prepare our children for this?

There are things that we can and do teach children to better their odds of surviving such an atrocity. Awareness is key! Baricading themselves in the classroom may not always be the best solution, but then again it is better to remain in a safe, familiar environment as opposed to running out of control and the noise that it would cause could alarm the shooter to the children's location. So for now, our best approach is to teach our children how to best prevent an armed intruderf from entering the classroom, at least until other provision are put in place whcih will protect them from these events. We are in the development stages of creating a survivors guide to an active shooter. Our members will be the first to receive this guide via digital file. 

Additionally, Shihan Duffy has developed a curriculum specifically with this topic in mind. Lets face it, we will never be able to teach our children to be completely able to defest an armed individual, however, we can give them some basic skills to better prepare them in the event they ever find themselves in this situation. 

Phase 1 includes Situational awareness, and safeguarding themselves from an active shooter. By preparing them to act fast, and precise. Teaching a variety of methods of barring a door shut so that it can not be opened from the outside. Teaching them to create a diversion to convince the shooter to go elsewhere. and safe and effective ways and places to hide in a building. By teaching thm to always be aware of a potential place to hide, or escape such an event

Phase 2 will incorporate learning about improvised weaponry, common every day items that can be used against an armed gumman. This can be as simple as a glass jar full of marbles, to a can of wasp spray. The fact is that there are things that could assist us and our children that are easy to obtain, and easy to apply. There are 3 other phases to this including

  1. Disabling an armed attacker,
  2. Detaining an armed attacker
  3. Triage training, and medical assistance, first aid. In the event there are gunshot victims. 

There are ways of educating chidlren in regard to these matters withoug causing alarm, or panic. 

It is not our intention to scare our students or people who visit our website, but rather to take a proactive approach to helping to educate them on what to do in the event they find themselves in such a scenario.