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Universal Martial Arts Centers.

10888 Foothill Blvd. Suite 190

Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. 91730

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10888 Foothill Blvd. suite 190 Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

(NW corner of Spruce and Foothill Blvd next to Banner Mattress, in the terra Vista Town Center.)


Shihan Rick Duffy

Founder, Chief Instructor, & CEO of 

Universal Martial Arts Centers.

Shihan Rick Duffy

Began his Martial Arts training at the age of 12 years old under United States Karate Organization in Hemet California. He trained under Sempai Eleno Davilla A brown belt at the time in Shorin Ryu Karate. He would train under Sempai Davilla for a period of 1 and a half years. At the age of 13 and a half, Shihan Duffy was being targeted by some bullys at his Junior High school. After several attempts to curtail the bullying incidents, he abruptly brought an end to the bullying. As a result, his father decided to withdraw him from his training out of fear that Shihan Duffy was becoming the bully. Although his instructor recommended that his father continue to support his training, as he believed that Shihan Duffy was growing as a martial artist and was doing the right thing by standing up for himself, Shihan Duffy's father believed that he was headed down the wrong path as the result of several brief school yard fights. Shihan Duffy had put an end to the bullying as the result of standing up for himself. This however, came at a price of being removed from Karate training from his father. On the upside, bullys had decided that bullying him was no longer of interest to them.

Shihan Duffy moved to Lapine Oregon in the Spring of 1980 where he graduated High School and a week after graduation was off to Fort knox Kentucky where he became an Armor tank crew member, after his basic training in the U.S. Army. After his time in the Army, Shihan Returned to California, where he began his carreer as a heavy Commercial Carpenter. After going through the 4 year Carpenter's Apprenticeship program, he continued to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors as a Union Carpenter, while at the same time pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a black belt, and opening his own Dojo. After working 8 hours as a heavy construction worker, he would drive home, shower and drive to Riverside for training. He would train until 10:00 ish, then home to shower, sleep, and get up and do it again. He continued this madness for a period of 12 years until he opened his Dojo. He accomplished his goal of becoming a black belt in June of 1990 when he was awarded his black belt in the first degree. Currently, Shihan has accomplished the rank of 6th degree Black belt, and has aquired the title Shihan from his peers in the Traditional Karate community. Throughout his years of training, he has competed with much success in both local, National as well as International and full contact Karate, and kickboxing tournaments. He continues to strive for excellence in Karate and martial arts traininig, raising the bar of teaching, practicing Karate, and bettering himself as a martial artist. His passion for teaching is quite obvious by watching one of his classes. 

November 16, 1993 Shihan Duffy was laid off of his Construction job as the result of jobsite politics. Feeling frustrated at the decision of being laid off due to politics, he set his plans into action to open his Martial Arts School. Two months to the day after being laid off, the Dojo was born. He signed the lease to his first location on January 17th 1994. The build out of the office and all construction of the Dojo was conducted by Shihan Duffy. This 1,388 square foot facility was quickly outgrown and the decision was made to relocate the Dojo to a larger facility at the expiration of the lease term. The Dojo is now located at 10888 Foothill Blvd Suite 190 in the Prestigious Terra Vista Town Center in Rancho Cucamonga. The new facility which opened for business on January 8, 2019 boasts a 2640 square foot training floor, and customized ammenities, including a self serve coffee bar which is completely managed by the parents and members of the dojo.

Shihan Built, established, and runs his Dojo on the principles of Honor, Integrity, Respect and Discipline. He can be found in the Dojo most days from 10:00 in the morning throughout the evening classes. His approach to realistic, practical self defense is one of no nonsence. Students at Universal Martial Arts Centers are taught to react to the negative motion of an attackers assault, rather than to wait until after they are struck. "The fight actually starts at the very instance that a potential attacker shows "hostile intent." Students are taught  to react to this action of hostile intent and defend themselves accordingly, while remaining responsible. Shihan stresses the importance of remaining calm and in control of emotion during a defensive situation. By keepinig a clear, calm state of mind, one is better able to react rationally to any given situation.

When Shihan is not at the Dojo, he enjoys spending time with his wife Katrina and their 3 children who also train and help teach classes at the Dojo. Shihan enjoys all things nature and outdoors. Including fishing, fly fishing, Hiking, exploring, Skiing, Camping, and mountain biking. When not teaching, traininig or enjoying the great outdoors, he enjoys studying new business concepts and exploring options to continuously grow and improve him self and his Dojo.